2021 Manager of the Year

Congratulations to our 2021 Managers of the Year:

Non Competitive Divisions:
Michael Gillespie
A Camouflage Dbacks
Tball Camouflage Dbacks

Competitive Divisions:
Mike Hutchins
AAA Purple Dbacks

Read some of the nominations for each below:

Michael Gillespie:
(photo courtesy of Grassroots baseball)

As a parent of a child who has special needs I’m always hesitant to sign my son up for activities in fear of lack of understanding of his differences, but I desperately want him to experience childhood activities like his sibling have been able to do.  I appreciate how Coach Mike is patient, encouraging and firm with my son who has Autism, ADHD, and SPD.  My son’s behavior is not easy, but coach Mike continues to work with him and treats him like the other players on the team in-spite of his obvious behavioral differences.  

Mike Hutchins:

(Photo courtesy of Kim Hutchins)
Mike is a wonderful teacher and has a love for both the game and the boys he is coaching. His desire to have them love the game and have fun is apparent and contagious. The boys on his team have fun and are confident. Mike takes the time to teach the boys what they have done wrong, but more importantly is quick to point out whatever he loves about what they are doing. He has picked out every kid by name at different times during the season and tells them what he loves about what they are doing. Even if they strike out or are walking players you can hear him saying “I love the way you are doing that.” Another thing he did to reward his team was after they won 3 games in a row he promised to let his assistant coaches shave his beard at practice. They gave him a mustache that his wife vetoed later that night. This is our second time having Mike as a coach and he hasn’t changed at all. He has a great team because he makes each kid feel like they are important and are all winners.

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